New Information On Primary Criteria In Unsecured Business Loans

Feb 15, 2017

"I think the fourth quarter slowed up a little bit around health care, in particular for companies with products and solutions that were particularly relevant to the ACA blueprint." But the group believes the 2.3 percent medical device excise tax included as part of the ACA will be repealed, following the ongoing temporary suspension. Funds freed up when the device tax was suspended in late 2015 were likely channeled into research and development, which could make some companies more valuable to private equity investors in the near term. In terms of traditional med-tech companies, the largest single investment went to Minneapolis-based CVRx, which received $57.5 million as it continues to commercialize and work to expand the approved indications for its implantable Barostim Neo device. A bright spot in the report was in the realm of digital health, in which companies sell products that typically use data, analytics and communications technologies to improve health care. Digital health companies in the state raised $127 million in 2016, more than a sixfold increase since 2012. The largest award went to Minneapolis start-up Bright Health, which received $80 million to launch narrow-network health insurance plans, beginning with plans in Colorado.

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